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Le Grand Prix Brussels (27-28 Mars) était impressionnant, 1800 personnes participaient à l’événement (1667 joueurs, environ 150 juges et membres du staff). J’ai finalement signé avec Rob Alexander, une personne très gentille avec qui j’ai beaucoup appris sur les events MTG. Il a plus de 100 cartes Magic à son actif et connait donc assez bien le milieu :). On a surement signé des milliers de cartes pendant ces 2 jours, c’était assez dingue… les ‘fans’ qui attendaient parfois plusieurs heures restaient malgré tout cool et compatissants. Le staff, sympathique également s’occupait bien de nous ; et heureusement, sans eux on décollait pas de nos chaises…
L’expérience, bien qu’épuisante en fin de journées, fut assez enrichissante ; j’espère pouvoir de nouveau y participer prochainement.


The GP Brussels (March 27-28) was amazing, 1800 people were at the Brussels Expo (Heizel) to take part  in several magic competitions (1667 players and about 150 judges & staff members). I  ended signing cards with Rob Alexander, a nice person who teached me a lot about magic  events. He has designed more than 100 magic cards and knows this world pretty well. We probably signed thousands of cards during these two days, it was crazy…
Yet the fans, who sometimes had to wait for hours, stayed cool and sympathetic. The staff who took care of us was also really friendly and patient. Even if it was exhausting, I enjoyed this rewarding experience and I hope I can take part in upcoming events.

(Merci Pauline pour m’avoir aidée dans la traduction ;)


Rob Alexander.

Tim Willoughby interviewed me during the event :
“[...] Meignaud, who lives and works in Paris as a freelance illustrator, came to Magic having built up a portfolio of concept work for various big players in the video games industry. Primarily working digitally, she is one of the artists who still revels in occasional forays into physical artwork, be it sketching, acrylics or watercolour. In addition to her work for a whole host of companies, she is gradually building up a sketchbook for release in the next few years, and regularly blogs her new visions of the world.
Much of the non-Magic work that Veronique produced is strongly figure based, with a dreamlike quality to it that renders all of it magical in its own way. With a small smile she confessed that working on characters in future Magic sets was something she hoped to have a chance to do moving forward, though she was clearly very happy with the reception that she had received for her distinctive lands…”.

Read more >> Magical Art in Brussels.


Cards, AP, Prints… MTG : FAQ


La FAQ concernant les cartes & illustrations Magic est désormais accessible, contactez moi pour toute question : MTG : FAQ.

As I said in a previous post, I’ve planned to create a FAQ about all requests related to Magic cards & illustrations. This section is finally done : MTG : FAQ. Let me know by e-mail if you want to be notified when prints will be available. If you need any help about the FAQ, please ask me.


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