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An old illustration commissioned by a teen magazine published by Milan Editions (”Le Chaudron Magique” which has been shut down years ago I believe), in 2009. Huge and painful to finish. The colors look weird -or terrible- because I started to work in CMYK… bad idea. And I don’t like the 2 human characters, they look so ugly and boring :D… I post it anyway, mainly for the creatures, I enjoyed doing their designs. I had forgot all those many details…

You can click to enlarge it.

In the same period, I’ve done this one for the same client, already posted before,
The Quetzalcoatl.


Lunacy ( mai 10, 2012 à 22:07 )

Je suis toujours complètement impressionnée par ce que vous faites, c’est unique!

Aminder ( mai 11, 2012 à 20:25 )

Your colour palette is amazing! I love your work :)

Stryke ( mai 12, 2012 à 09:07 )

hell yes

marmotte ( mai 21, 2012 à 12:40 )

Thanks everybody ! =)

Laurent ( juin 13, 2012 à 13:54 )

Ouep comme les autres, toujours autant impressionné.
Je les trouve pas si triste et loupé tes persos humains, et tes monstres sont top.
Quetzalcoatl est seigneurial !

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