Screen Printed Cards 1/2

posted by marmotte on 2012.12.11, under Illustration, Sketchbook

Here are some cards I printed randomly at la Bourgeoise Sérigraphe. The idea came from the cards I saw in the Iris’ work :) I sold most of that sort at the Smart Design Mart, I project to print more series like this in the coming months.

I had a ‘little’ accident during the cutting,
several sheets are waiting until my finger gets better…

I will share more pictures when I’ll have more time :)


MARION ( décembre 11, 2012 à 13:13 )

C’est somptueux, je suis admirative…. bravo !

marmotte ( décembre 11, 2012 à 13:48 )

Merci encore Marion :)

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