posted by marmotte on 2012.12.14, under Dulce, Photos, Sketchbook

Here is Cerise, tiny drawing done last year.
She’s now living in United Kingdom at Jenny’s place, the “Tilly” :)
Jenny (aka @whonifer) told me her story :

“… An odd and magical story. I showed the picture to my sister while we sat on the roof of my houseboat and it blew away. Once I noticed I searched but it was gone…”

“… Many days later I returned home and noticed something stuck to the side of my hull as I walked aboard. It was the picture ! It lost the envelope & plastic wallet but had some how still returned. The ink had run which I think makes it more beautiful.
Its return was such a surprise I am even more fond of it, the jar is so that in the future it floats.”

.Thanks again Jenny !

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