Screen Printed Cards 2/2

posted by marmotte on 2013.01.02, under Illustration, News

Here is one of the screen-prints projects I’ve worked on the past few months. I still learn a lot during the process of printing, this one was quite difficult to achieve because of the size of the composition (all patterns were printed together at the beginning).
This is Common Editions of 2-color postcards (5×7″), 6 patterns, printed on various paper colors : Stonehenge steel grey, kraft, fawn, cream, pale blue, warm white…, and some pink & blue Canson paper. They are now available in the Shop.

Here is the Limited Edition, I shared some pictures in a previous post :

The screen-prints of Sonor and Flowers are also available,
You can visit the shop to see more paper colors :)


Guillaume Deloizon ( janvier 14, 2013 à 07:05 )

Miam les décalages !

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