Christmas Contest : Results

posted by marmotte on 2012.12.27, under Sketchbook

Here is the results of the Christmas Contest !

Winner 01 : Lionel B. “Ubiquity-Labyrinth-Bones” (randomly picked)
Winner 02 : Jeff T. “Nautilus-Strata-Furnace” (randomly picked)
Winner 03 : Moon M. “Nudibranch-Quasar-Tetsuo”.

I hesitated a long time before picking the 3rd winner ; they were a lot of good word associations. I also noticed that the Space theme inspires many people :) Thank you all for your participation !







For those who are curious about how I randomly picked the participants : I copied/pasted all comments in a text edit program (like Smultron), where lines are automatically numbered. I removed the links and comments unrelated on the contest (such as my comments..) to obtain the real amount of submissions. Then I simply wrote this number in a “random number picker” found online.

Christmas Contest !

posted by marmotte on 2012.12.19, under News

Hola everyone ! I launch a new contest for Christmas :)


How to participate ? Only via Facebook*
Write only ONE comment including 3 WORDS that inspire you >HERE<
That can be anything : a person, name, destination, monument, feeling, animal, philosophy, element, event, date, object, number…
*Sorry for those who don’t like FB, next time I’ll use another platform.

3 Gifts to win :
- Screen print of “Flower” + a little surprise
- Screen print of “Sonor” + a little surprise
- Package of little surprises :)

The contest ends on Friday 21, at 23:00 EST
Tokyo 13:00
Sydney 15:00
Los Angeles 20:00
Paris 05:00

I will randomly pick 2 comments, and choose another one I like. Then I’ll “cook” something with these words, and share with you the result. The name of the winners will be announced on Tuesday 25th.

Good luck !

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