Délicieux Macchabée

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Délicieux Macchabée(s) are the babies of collaborative sessions that take place in Montréal. You can check the Tumblr, or the Facebook group to see all of them :) The participants of this session were Fronc Ng, Véronique Comeau, Thierry Allart, Stephane & myself.


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Brumes, the first album of Undercover Brother* is finally available !
Style : ambiant, electronic, chill… I love it, really inspiring.
I had the chance to create the cover ; the logo is by Manu Malin*.


Yōkai - Collab.

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2 years ago, with a group of artists, we started to work on a project related on Yōkai (it’s canceled or on stand by, we don’t really know :). Just above, the result of a collaboration with Clo aka Aurélie Neyret, and the wip below :

… And some concepts I’ve done with my ‘old’ painting method,
it feels strange now.


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“La vie de ses outils s’éteignirent,
Comme des guirlandes de noël après un 1e février.
Leur poussière d’une énergie qu’on ne comprends plus,
qui nous manque cruellement.
Frustré, de savoir qu’on ne peut pas se fâcher avec la vieillesse”.


Je poste ici quelques vieilles illustrations (jamais publiées il me semble), pour certaines inachevées, ouvertes à la collaboration (*), si il y a des intéressés :)

I post here some old illustrations (never published anywhere so far, I think), certain have never been finished, so it’s open to collaborate (*), if anybody is interested !


*Conforte B - February 2, 2008


*Hypellia (Maya) - February 23, 2008


*R - July 27, 2008


*Hentai - June 13, 2007



*Rotor - August 23, 2007


Papill Hon Delure - April 23, 2006


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14 original pieces are on sale on the page Tamuke, these collaborations have been done by 7 artists during a live performance of Drawing and Calligraphy at the [SAT] in Montreal last April 1st. All benefits collected will be given to the Japanese Red Cross. You can choose the price : 50 - 75 or 100$ (free shipping :)

If you encounter any problem or if you have a question, don’t hesitate to contact me ! meignaud.veronique [at] gmail.com








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I’ve participated in the Henge project last Saturday (organized by En Masse, hosted in the Complexe Desjardins), during the Nuit Blanche à Montréal ; 8 huge white blocs covered by ~ 45 artists.
“These incredible works are still up, although re-located to the Cité Internationale for the next two weeks. Go check these guys out at 629 St Antoine W”. More info & pictures in the EN MASSE’s blog.

Pictures by J.F. Mailhot & Stephane Tartelin.









Thanks again to Jason Botkin, Rupert Bottenberg,
and all the En Masse’s staff for their help :)


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