Made Symposium #2

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Kemp Remillard.



Marko Djurdjevic.


Jason Chan’s illustrations.


Andrew Jones.



Nic Klein.


Shawn Barber.



Coro Kaufman.




Wesley Burt.

Photos by Ncinbox, Dominus, Fraser Mc Taggart, and me.
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MADE Symposium

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I’ve gathered some pictures from several people (names are listed below) to share with you a bit of the atmosphere at the Made workshop. It seems that everybody was in a good mood during all the event, tired but happy :]

I start with the opening show :





Visual performance by Andrew Jones.





J.S. Rossbach.

Photos by Ncinbox, Dominus, Fraser Mc Taggart, and me.




From the Made building (weird distortion because of the window).


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Demo done during the Symposium Workshop. After trying several boring speed paintings, I chose to go back on personal experimentations that I mostly do these days (I used Tiny’s texture again from our last collab… I know that’s cheating !).

A quick video from the 4th day at MADE :

Thanks again to Marko,
and people from Sixmorevodka & Made for this amazing event.


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MADE is an art and concept design symposium in Berlin (JUNE 17 — 20th 2010), in cooperation with Marvel Entertainment, the artists from Massive Black and Sixmorevodka.

Featuring Workshops and Seminars with the entertainment industry’s finest:
Joe Quesada, Coro Kaufman, Andrew Jones, Wes Burt, Jason Chan, Noxizmad, Marko Djurdjevic, The Black Frog, Guiseppe Camuncoli, Nic Klein, Alex Maleev, Esad Ribic, C. B. Cebulski, Shawn Barber, Carl Dobsky, Kemp Remillard, J. S. Rossbach, Aleksi Briclot, Whit Brachna, Rich Doble, Sam Brown, …

“Top creatives and professionals from the entertainment industries are coming together to teach and and inspire attendants from across the world.
The program will include live digital art demonstrations, figure drawing and painting, both traditional and digital, performance art, lectures on character, creature and environment design, storytelling for comicbooks, cover and marketing art, business information and lectures, portfolio reviews, group demonstrations and teamwork, and an all around great time.”

Info :




Made (Alexanderstrasse 7, 10178 Berlin) is an extraordinary venue in the heart of Berlin, a creative spot where ideas can come to life in an outstanding fashion. Invented and created by pop artist tadiROCK the space functions as a platform for artists from all walks of life, from contemporary art, to fashion, to music, the space offers room for creation at it’s finest. Located on the 9th floor it offers one of the most tremendous views over Berlin and invites you to be inspired.” Sixmorevodka.

Stream of Consciousness

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The video is launched ! $40. 2 hours, French with English subtitles. 2 parts : drawing and digital painting. Info on, purchase here.


Special Thanks to :

Aaron for making the video and his patience,
Clotilde for helping with the subtitles,
Massive Black & ConceptArt for their trust,
Nox and Aleksi for playing with us during the interview and for their advice !
Romain for helping me to synthesize the concept of the video,
Bonne Graine’s people and Arthur for lending their place ;)
And everyone who encouraged me to do it.


While creating a new piece, a lot of trained artists already have a precise idea of what they are after. The picture they want to create is like a set destination, and they work rigorously until this destination is reached. While technique and academic training are necessary in the creation of any piece of artwork, some artists feel they are sometimes trapped by these and feel a need to free themselves. This often manifests with an artist being bored by his own work, feeling that he lacks imagination.

One can reasonably ask themselves if for such artists, these academic methods discriminate against the most unconventional ideas. And yet, these are the ideas I want to embrace and develop.

Rather than working with a set destination in mind, I like my personal works to take me wherever they want to go. Thus the destination is never set, it evolves during the making of the picture. This is the way I feel the most free, and this is the way that I feel my ideas won’t curb themselves to a limited space. To achieve this, I use a work flow based on spontaneity and instinctive feeling. Of course, a basic idea of what I want to do is necessary, or else it would be like closing my eyes and wiggling my hand at the canvas aimlessly. That starting idea can be anything, but I will use it as a starting point rather than as a goal. I won’t use construction lines. What I want is to explore the canvas in a more unpredictable way, and the key to that is to take advantage of accidents.

While my work can be described as being figurative, the path that leads me to that is a more abstract one. I feel that the more free I am, the more free the observer will be to interpret my works. Of course, such a free approach makes more sense in the context of more intimate, personal works.

Thanks NinoMojo -Romain- for helping me
to synthesize and write the concept of the video !

L’interview dont je parle n’est pas encore disponible, je travaille dessus ;) Un teaser aussi est à venir. The interview is not yet available, I’m working on it ;) A teaser is also coming pretty soon.


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Je travaille sur une video tutorial pour Massive Black, ou je décris mon process de travail, elle comprendra 2 parties : Dessin au Pilot dans la première, illustration sur photoshop dans la seconde. La vidéo est réalisée par Aaron Fagerstrom. Il nous reste encore des choses à faire avant le bouclage, notamment les sous-titres en anglais, vu que je parlais en français :). Et il y aura un bonus… j’en dirai plus bientôt. Je peux cependant vous révéler les images, et annoncer que Clo aka Aurelie Neret a également une video tuto sur le feu ;)

I’m working on a tutorial video for Massive Black (realized by Aaron Fagerstrom) in which I explain my work process. There will be two parts : an ink pen drawing and an illustration made in photoshop. We still have some work to do like the english subtitles, since I speak french. There will be also a bonus… I’ll tell you more soon :) And I can announce that Clo aka Aurelie Neret has done a tutorial video as well, available soon.





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